Life vs. Death

So my nights wont be the same…neither will my mornings. My days will begin and end and I’ll sit tangled in our yesterday. Warmth will surround me and the birds will sing, and I’ll stand by the window waiting for doorbells to ring. I’ll soon wake up to the realisation of an irrevocable past and a shrinking future and I’ll hold onto the memories, beautiful, naked memories. I’ll reminisce of a time when heavens shadow broke above us as we loved in the presence of angels, oblivious to all dangers.

No trepidation, no fear, no hesitation; my soul will hunt hosts as my body rots and my bones lend themselves to the ground beneath me and the soil above me. I’ll watch for your ghost and pray for serene sublimation, so together we will rise to a greater destination where the devil just bled ’cause God tore his head and paradise is our kingdom for the living, not dead.

And now we’re not vanquished, but victors, not victims and we tread our path with immortality at our wrists. A place of power births inside us as we conceive a forever, so that Death, mere death relinquishes his throne in the face of our drones ’cause now we’re all living and nobody’s dead .


This piece may be a little tedious to comprehend so I thought explaining it here, more simply, might help. It’s basically about someone who’s lost someone she cares for and finds that as each day passes in life, you’re nearing inevitable death. So she day dreams about being able to defeat death and attain immortality, where no one needs to die because Death is overthrown and Life starts her reign.


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