If you opened your doors to the world…

There are over seven billion people on earth right now. At this particular moment in time, over seven billion people are alive, aware, breathing and living. It’s a beautiful thought isn’t it? To know that you are part of this profound expanse, existing together, sharing miracles with strangers, that unfold just as long as you awaken yourself to the possibility of magic? But somehow we find it within ourselves to feel lonely, and lost, despite the billions surrounding us, we find ourselves shut out in a small corner of the world where the lights just flicker and eventually burn out. But what you don’t realize is that even in that corner, while you bake in your silence and watch as happiness passes by, somebody else not too far away is seasoning a similar fate. 

Extend your arms and hold out your hand – now watch as the lines on your palm create a lattice, a sort of map to the borders of greatness and wonder. Your fate is within your reach and your power literally besieges you; if only you were brave enough to believe that really, you are not alone, you are never alone, none of us ever are.

Just take a second to marvel at the universe… allow the world to lay privy into your own.




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