I didn’t start out loving him. At the beginning it was the feeling of being wanted that i lusted after…it was also the reason i stayed. His childish disposition, his chuckle of a laugh, his lack of maturity, all of which started off as being deficiencies turned into anything but flaws.

We grew together, he and I. We grew together as individuals, exploring life, exploring ourselves, exploring each other. We lay privy to each others mistakes, failures, insecurities and we provided each other with a haven so safe, so sound, that even the harshest of battles couldn’t beat us. We celebrated each others successes, we encouraged and motivated and supported each other in ways family, teachers and friends wouldn’t ever understand.

It was never a ‘relationship’, it was never two people ‘in love’. We were two individuals who were falling for each other each day, each second, falling, and tripping, and tumbling and engaging in each others goodness whilst marveling at the bad. We discovered ourselves within each other, changing as two separate individuals, changing as a couple; growing and evolving into people each of us loved and respected.

The greatest thing about our bond was, because we met at a tender age we were able to devour every moment we shared together, lost, naive, innocent and still, utterly and completely vulnerable, and so we were able to be brutally honest and naked and raw and selfless, because we knew nothing. We were inexperienced. And because of this we were able to ‘grow’ into love, understanding its depths and horrors, discovering its beauty and sanctity.

Through him, I’ve discovered myself, through him I’ve found myself, and through him I will find life and love, through him i will find peace and magic, and happiness and miracles… through him I will find my whole.



4 thoughts on “

  1. I will forever be a fan but then, it’s so very easy to commit, you are so very good and I am so very proud.

  2. First off, you’re writing’s so deep and amazing and powerful. I truly love reading it πŸ™‚
    Since you wanted critiques, The only one I can really suggest is that since you’ve used repeating sentences and listed many things in the paragraphs, I’d suggest you try writing some lines separately instead of in one paragraph. I’ve noticed it tends to really get the emotion and the power across to the reader.
    Like here you have a short opening sentence to each paragraph. What I mean is if you gave that short sentence a line of its own and continued the rest of the paragraph starting from a new line.
    Also maybe instead of using and to tag adjectives together, try using fullstops?
    Eg: “…so we were able to be brutally honest. Naked. Raw. Selfless”
    That’s honestly all I can think of atm. There’s nothing wrong with your writing. But I do understand the yearning to keep striving to be better πŸ™‚
    All the best with everything! Much love πŸ˜€ xx

  3. This is amazing! Looking forward to reading more and more of your writing πŸ™‚ You completely captured my attention!

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